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Publisher Comments

There is a wealth of research and literature explaining suburban sprawl and the urgent need to retrofit suburbia. However, until now there has been no single guide that directly explains howto repair typical sprawl elements. The Sprawl Repair Manual demonstrates a step-by-step design process for the re-balancing and re-urbanization of suburbia into more sustainable, economical, energy- and resource-efficient patterns, from the region and the community to the block and the individual building. As Galina Tachieva asserts in this exceptionally useful book, sprawl repair will require a proactive and aggressive approach, focused ondesign, regulation and incentives.The Sprawl Repair Manual is a much-needed, single-volume reference for fixing sprawl, incorporating changes into the regulatory system, and implementing repairs through incentives and permitting strategies. This manual specifies the expertise thatandrsquo;s needed and details the techniques and algorithms of sprawl repair within the context of reducing the financial and ecological footprint of urban growth.

The Sprawl Repair Manual draws on more than two decades of practical experience in the field of repairing and building communities to analyze the current pattern of sprawl development, disassemble it into its elemental components, and present a process for transforming them into human-scale, sustainable elements. The techniques are illustrated both two- and three-dimensionally, providing users with clear methodologies for the sprawl repair interventions, some of which are radical, but all of which will produce positive results.


“The successful strategies and highly effective illustrations of prototypical solutions in the Sprawl Repair Manual are extremely useful to both citizens and professionals eager to communicate the many advantages of reconfiguring sprawl into more compact, complete, and connected places. Packed with ideas, this book is a great read and will be a must-have reference for years to come!”


“Haphazard, dysfunctional land use has wreaked havoc on our landscape, waterways, and atmosphere. To achieve sustainability, we must seize every opportunity to fix the damage, and this wonderfully illustrated book provides us with the tools, step by step and place by place. Environmentalists as well as planners need to learn from its teachings.”


“[Tachieva] brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and pragmatism to the contents of the manual, and the techniques for repairing sprawl at all levels of the built environment. This is an important book for anybody who is contemplating being involved in the task of repairing sprawl. Its strength is in the compelling urban design ideas and proposals that are communicated via the wealth of illustrations in the book….the author and the firm have to be congratulated for publishing this book at this time that clearly inspires and illuminates the potentials for sprawl repair.”


“The Sprawl Repair Manual is so far the only complete physical planning manual for handling the impending transformation of suburbia into vital human communities. It is not only hugely instructive but formidably inspirational.”


About the Author

Galina Tachieva is a partner and director of town planning at the central office of Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company, in Miami, Florida. She is originally from Bulgaria, and received a masterandrsquo;s degree in architecture from the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Sofia and a masterandrsquo;s in urban design from the University of Miami, Florida. Galina submitted a andldquo;Sprawl Repair Kit,andrdquo; which contains some of the ideas and drawings from her book, to the 2009 Re-Burbia competition sponsored by the blog Inhabitat andand#160;DWELLand#160;magazine, where it won the Peopleandrsquo;s Choice Award.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Sprawl to Complete Communities

Chapter 2. The Sprawl Repair Method

Chapter 3. Repair at the Regional Scale

Chapter 4. Repair at the Community Scale

Chapter 5. Repair of Thoroughfares and Parking

Chapter 6. Repair at the Block Scale

Chapter 7. Repair at the Building Scale




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Galina Tahchieva
Maria Elisa Mercer
Eusebio Azcue
Judith I. Bell
Rachel D. Merson Zitofsky
Sustainable development — United States.
Citizenship — United States.


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